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Was ist Metaphysik? - download pdf or read online

Used to be ist Metaphysik? ist der Titel der offentlichen Antrittsvorlesung Martin Heidegger an der Universitat Freiburg i. Br. am 24. Juli 1929. Der Vortrag stellt einen wichtigen Ubergang zwischen der fundamentalontologisch-existenzialen Konzeption von aSein und Zeit und dem seinsgeschichtlichen Denken in Heideggers Spatwerk dar.

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31): (a) Seen from behind (b) Seen from the front (c) Seen from above. In these figures the following muscles are seen: 1. Supraspinatus 2. Subscapularis 3. Infraspinatus 4. Teres minor S. Tendon of the long head of the biceps. When this muscle contracts, the tendon, attached to the supra-glenoid tubercle, forces the humeral head medially. According to some authors the articular surfaces are also kept together by atmospheric pressure, acting not in the glenoid cavity but beneath the periarticular muscular cuff.

Between the surface just described and the deep surface of the deltoid the fibroadipose plane of cleavage contains the subdeltoid bursa (shown opened) (7). \ Other muscles seen in the diagram are: teres major (8), long head of triceps (9), brachialis (10), coraco-brachialis (11), short head of biceps (12), pectoralis minor (13) and pectoralis major (14). " / \. ,t' '- Coronal section of the shoulder girdle (Fig. 34) shows: ""- (a) The arm is hanging vertically beside the body and the following structures are seen: / \, The supraspinatus (l), traversing deep to the acromio-c1avicular joint (2) before its insertion into the greater tuberosity (3).

I:J iJ THE ROLE OF THE CORACO-CLAVICULAR LIGAMENTS ," \. ~ ~ ~ r-- A diagrammatic view of the acromio-clavicular joint (Fig. 54: seen from above) shows the importance of the conoid ligament: ~ -'l --.. "- ~ . ' - The scapula (dotted) seen from above. - The broken line shows the contours of the clavicle in its resting position. f-~ยท '- ~ ( " - The heavy continuous line shows the final position of the clavicle. This shows how, when the solid angle between clavicle and scapula is opened out, the conoid ligament is stretched and checks the movement (the two stippled lines represent the two successive positions of the conoid ligament).

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Alexander of Aphrodisias on Aristotles Metaphysics 1. Translated by W. E. Dooley by Alexander of Aphrodisias, William E. Dooley

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