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By Y. Alex-Assensoh

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This publication exhibits how Africa's former colonial powers--including nice Britain, France, Portugal, and Spain--trained contributors and leaders of colonial militia to be politically nonpartisan. but, the modern day militia became so politicized that many nations are this present day governed or have already been governed by means of army dictators via coups d'etat, sometimes for strong purposes because the e-book issues out. This ebook lines the ancient and political evolution of those occasions and what bodes for Africa, the place the endless army incursions into partisan politics are involved.

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18 Also, Dr. Saxena underscored the following about these territories: These territories were acquired by Britain. . Prior to the scramble, Britain had some coastal areas or enclaves under its occupation. ” A crown colony was “an annexed territory” and an integral part of the king’s dominions acquired by conquest, settlement or cession. . 19 Furthermore, as Saxena has indicated, France controlled many colonies in Africa, with French West Africa alone comprising 4,600,000 sq. , nine times the area of France.

Mr. Okion Ojigbo, the former Principal Private Secretary to then retired General Olusegun Obasanjo, put it well when he offered the explanation that problems other than religiosity nearly dismembered his country. ”84 Ojigbo further explained that the immediate problems of Nigeria in the 1960s had religious undertones in terms of the years’ coup officers but, indeed, that religion was not the main predicating issue at stake. This assertion is in line with the popular contention of many Nigerians and several experts, who write that, as a unified nation, Nigeria is too big to be governed from the center by an individual political leader.

The first coup, in January 1966, was seen as having been led by Christian army officers from the southern belt of the country; the second coup in July 1966—although led by General Gowon, a thoroughbred Christian—was, however, seen as having been Muslim-inspired because he was born and brought up in the-then Islamic northern region of Nigeria. It is, however, an undeniable fact that religion played a role in the deep-seated problems that prompted the young army officers of Nigeria, in 1966, to overthrow elected Prime Minister Balewa’s regime.

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