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The two chapters to follow, then, constitute a unity: that is, they are constructed on the basis of the principle that all theology is “practical,” although not necessarily usable in all contexts. I can make this assertion only after more than a quarter of a century as both missionary and academic, having lived amid the “theological messiness” 52 A Theology of the In-Between (Starkloff, 1994, 93) of a highly syncretistic and at times “compartmentalized” or “dual system” context. For perhaps an indefinite period, in our work among aboriginal peoples especially (but no doubt in the wider society), we must be content to live in patience with syncretism as a process of what I am calling the Metaxy.

Ambrozio in Milan (opp. 232) is a form of Carolingian metal-work that shows two figures paying homage in feudal style to the bishop (xiii). A drawing from the eleventh century illustrates “the conversion of the North” (opp. 248) xiv), dramatizing the medieval emphasis on the divine origin of imperial authority. A golden and purple illumination of a manuscript of Rabanus Maurus (opp. ” Finally, Emperor Otto III is depicted, early in the eleventh century, receiving the homage of his 1~The European Epoch: The Metaxy between 100 and 1300 39 people (between 280-281), expressed in a combined Germanic and Byzantine style (xiv).

120-122) The missionaries from Rome as well as from Britain strove to redefine these values by merging them with the ambivalent code of chivalry, in a movement that peaked with the Crusades. This powerful “heroic” culture shaped the popular image of Christ and made him into more a “warrior-hero,” and (though Russell does not mention this), may also have influenced the development of “the just war” theory that defended the right and duty to fight in order to save nation, family or Church. In general, Russell has vividly described the complexities of this association between the warrior culture and Roman Christianity.

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